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Brand Inspiration

The NDC Medicine brand is inspired by 'The Odyssey' - an epic story from Greek mythology written by Homer. Diagnostic Odyssey has become a common term symbolizing the journey towards diagnosis for a rare disease patient, which is long and fraught with difficulties. 

A doctor in NDC Medicine is a modern Odysseus. He is an extremely clever person who conquers all obstacles by using his intelligence, devotion to the mission and to a patient. Even when he's misled by misdiagnoses, and despite the countless difficulties (time, effort, money), he manages to reach the ending point of his journey: bringing the patient to their destination, the right expert medical center. In the classic odyssey, Odysseus sailed on the Argo ship in the rough seas with his friends and it took him 10 years and 10 major obstacles until he finally reached home. NDC Medicine creates a new odyssey- a journey where doctors help shorten the diagnostic odyssey and conquer case challenges with smarts and AI. 


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