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Epic People

NDC Medicine likes collaborating with different people and professionals across the globe. We also like to show them our appreciation for their unique contribution. This is a page is dedicated to all the people who have kindly collaborated with NDC Medicine and left their mark on our platform. We think you're epic!

Natalie Brouzioti, 36, Greece

Epic Branding

Natalie is a kind and caring wife and mother to a 6 year old son who was diagnosed at age 2 with DENT rare disease that causes kidney problems. Thanks to her devotion for treating his illness, he is almost able to have a normal childhood. She even runs a Facebook page to raise awareness for rare diseases, and to communicate with other people worldwide who go through the same experience. That is where she connected with Yana Prints, NDC Marketing Manager, and heard about NDC Medicine. As a woman of Greek heritage, she felt inspired by our "Diagnostic Odyssey" brand story. Therefor she participated in our branding competition on social media by pitching the Deus ex Machina idea and Won! While usually Nata prefers to be mysteriously anonymous, she has agreed to reveal herself to us so we can officially grant her the "Epic Person" title and reward her with an illustration inspired by Nata's true self- A splash of light into many people's lives.

★ illustrated by Raqib Ahmed.


More ahead.


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