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Points policy

Points policy

NDC Medicine's activity is based on points, also known as Coins.

Your Treasure Chest

Once you have registered, you start collecting coins in your treasure chest (a virtual bank of points), found in the Doctor Menu. Each new NDC Medicine member receives 2000 coins that will allow them to present cases and give diagnostic suggestions. While you cannot use more than what you have in your treasure chest, you can earn coins.


Each case challenge has a prize amount, defining the amount of coins given to whoever diagnoses the case correctly. It starts at 1000 coins, and grows along with the amount of suggested diagnoses.

How do I use my points?

How do I win points?

  • Being the first physician to give the right diagnosis for a case, you win the entire case prize amount.
  • If a case is not solved after testing, the case prize total divides between all the peers who were the first to give each diagnostic suggestion.
  • BONUS coins- NDC Medicine gives extra coins to doctors who:
  • Present cases well (detailed and enriched with data).
  • Ask smart questions
  • Helpfully collaborate in multiple cases

These points will be added to your treasure chest when preforming these actions.

Your case can also be promoted on the site- writing a well presented case earns BONUS coins to your total prize! This encourages more doctors to participate in your case.

The coins are non-transferable between physicians in NDC Medicine. You must earn them yourself.

For any other questions regarding points policy, feel free to contact us!

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