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NDC Medicine Treaty

Navigating through the diagnostic odyssey: rules of the road

When heading out for a mission, a team needs some ground rules and mutual values to make it work. Consider this a treaty between NDC Medicine members, that we must respect and follow.

  • Protect patient confidentiality. The presenting doctor must keep all of the patient's identifying details completely confidential. You will use a nickname when presenting your patient, and erase any mentioning of the patient's name/face before uploading documents (tests, pictures).
  • Stay Active. A true NDC Medicine member isn't off guard. They helps different cases on the case board by asking questions, giving diagnostic suggestions, and following cases in which they participate.
  • You are a team player. Whether you’re the presenting doctor or a peer, cooperation is the key to success. Presenting doctors are also required to answer the questions of their peers helping them in the discussion thread.
  • Be inquisitive. Ask smart questions. Even if you are not sure about the case diagnosis, you can always learn something new. More importantly, your questions can yield valuable answers that trigger a peer with the right diagnosis.
  • Be Clever. It's not about spamming the case board to score extra points. Members who are efficiently active, give rich case presentations, and good diagnostic suggestions, get promoted on the website and win the prizes.
  • Never Back Down. If you are presenting a case, and it's taking you a while to move forward, don’t give up. Stick to your mission and the right peer will eventually see the case, recognize it and help you diagnose it.
  • You care. Never forget the reason why you joined NDC Medicine in the first place- you want to help your patients because you care about them.

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