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About NDC Medicine

Doctor, are you having trouble accurately diagnosing a patient, a relative, or even yourself for a long time? Have you tried different methods, treatments, and medicines while nothing seems to be making your patient feel better? Have you connected with several specialists and they found nothing?

Or perhaps, you are a young doctor seeking to sharpen you diagnostic skills with challenging cases? Are you gifted with a diagnostic talent and want to promote yourself in the diagnostics field?

Welcome to the right place. 

Neglected Diseases Collaboration (NDC) is an international network of doctors helping each other diagnose mystery cases quickly and correctly using a smart web-based crowdsourcing method combining AI techniques. 

NDC Medicine is like an online Concilium welcoming doctors from all fields, all over the world to work together on deciphering case challenges.

NDC Medicine platform allows physicians to present patients of all ages with unusual symptoms, discuss the case with their peers, submit diagnostic suggestions, and helps with testing the best diagnostic suggestions in an expert medical center. 

NDC Medicine defines an intelligent approach for diagnosing complex medical cases:

  • Smart Presentation: Using a Problem- Oriented approach, checking charts, and a moderator supervising each case we make sure the case is presented in a way that allows solving it quickly- from years, to days!
  • Intelligent choice: Using AI to choose the best diagnostic suggestions between multiple options.
  • Diagnosis Testing: The moderator aids with applying for testing in expert medical facilities specializing in exclusive medical fields.
  • Diagnostic talent: Our point system allows detecting doctors who excel at diagnosing case challenges in the platform, and rewards them with higher ranking on the website. This rank will be crucial as NDC Medicine is forming a team of expert physicians specializing in diagnosing neglected diseases that can offer their services to patients both online and offline.

We at NDC Medicine embrace collective intelligence done right. Collaborating with your peers gives you power to handle case challenges, but to conquer the challenge you must do it smart and follow the steps of the process.

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